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In the forest of oblivion, Indianostrum began clearing its path guided by their instincts. Lucky where they, for they crossed the paths of great masters right at their onset. They became rich by collecting Time from the field of Universe and spent them generously on ephemeral creations. Every time they slept they lost one among them and every time they turned back they found a new one walking besides. In the dark, disguising themselves with the costumes borrowed from ghosts they stealthily enter the reality to speak to the people. People otherwise so greedy are so friendly with them believing they are not humans. With the people, they chat and laugh, cry and share, sing and dance. When they stop, they realize, the houses are empty. When they stepped in, the empty houses melted in the air. It is then they remembered they are walking in the forest of oblivion. 


Indianostrum Theatre is a theatre company located at Pondicherry. The 11 year old theatre company was founded by Koumarane Valavane along with few actors who were ready to pursue theatre sincerely.


In its initial years though we face constant difficulties to establish a professional Theatre company, through the regular support of our masters, our well-wishers and the public witnessing our plays, we were able to travel these many years and now we have a small Theatre space for the company at Pondicherry.


Indianostrum’s core aim is to expand the role of modern theatre in the cultural life of the country, by developing new modern texts, finding the specificities of Indian modern theatre, exploring its relationships with traditional forms and transcending political, social and historical divides.