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Like a farmer needs his own piece of land even if it is small to do farming, a space to work is mandatory for an artist. In our country, where contemporary theatre is still in its infancy, where practising theatre is considered as a taboo in many parts, where the very name “Theatre” creates the image of cinema theatre in the people’s mind, we strongly felt the need of a space (a theatre space) where the artist and people can meet each other.


“Salle de Jeanne d’Arc” also called “Pathe-Cine Familial” – an 80 year old French Cinema Theatre with a cemetery and a school as its neighbours, crossed our lives at the right moment infusing fresh oxygen to Indianostrum when we were at the verge to cease without a space to work in 2011. Here, we should thank Rev.Father and dignitaries of Our Lady of Angels Church, who had agreed to provide the “Salle de Jeanne d’Arc” to us when we went with the request of converting the Cinema Hall to a performance theatre.


On 1st January 2012, Indianostrum stepped inside “Pathe-Cine Familial” carrying broom sticks, paint brushes and dreaming eyes. Sadanam P.V.Balakrishnan, Gave life to our newly built stage through his performance on March 28th. In 2012, we managed to have around 60 public performances at the theatre.


2013, was a critical year both for the troupe and theatre. While troupe was struggling to strengthen its team, Theatre suffocated without enough performances. As in the Greek stories, where one tragedy leads to another, a major fire accident hit the Theatre at the dawn of a Children’s performance (10th December). When we stepped over the burnt remains floating in the water gushed out by fire dept., our eyes were looking back for the dreams with which we entered in 2012 for we know we need to begin again.


This time it was not only us who tried to re-build the theatre but a massive force formed by the people, friends and artists was marching before us to bring Theatre back to life. They made us realize this Theatre not only belong to us but to every one of them and our duty here is to maintain Theatre alive by connecting it regularly with the public.