Chandâla, l’impur…

A plagiarism of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

In the beautiful India where our play takes place
lives a very old demon who feeds only on hate
Sitting on his throne painted with sacred
he divided the world into four colors:

“At the height of purity are the Brahmins, below them the Kshatriya- the warriors,
then the Vaisya- the merchants, finally the Sudras- the servants. And then there is the fifth
category those who are totally impure to touch,the Chandalas. They are excluded from all because they pollute the purity of the places, air, objects, others … “

face to this eternal demon
an angel no bigger than an
agile butterfly of his wings, harass him with his arrows
It’s Kama or Cupid, it is according to
Tonight we will offer to the insatiable appetite of the monster
two mythical lovers : Romeo and Juliet
renamed Jack and Janani
The death of countless lovers has never
buried the hate of castes in their graves …
because the clever monster breaking in pieces
lives holed in the hearts of men
For three hours, we will play it in this theatre,
if you lend us a patient ear,
we will make love flow through your heart
to eradicate the part of the monster …
our zeal will fill the void of Anantha*

* According to Natyasastra, the oldest of the treatises of theater which dictates the rules of the dramatic art with as final objective- the state of Anantha (happiness) implying a happy ending for all the plays.

Chandâla, the impure has been commissioned by Festival des Francophonie en Limousin and is co-produced by Théâtre du Soleil.

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