Our Artistic Journey

Plays Produced by us:


Name of the Play Run of the Production Collaborator/ Co-produced by No. of Shows
Mid-Night Traveller 2007 Alliance Francaise of Madras 10
Lakshman’s Dream 2008 Purisai Kannappa Thambiran Therukoothu Mandram 12
Land of Ashes 2009-14 Kalakshetra 40
Scapain’s Bommalattam 2009 Alliance Francaise of Madras 32
Kunti Karna 2010-15 Swami Dayanada Educational Trust 70
Karappu 2014- Alliance Francaise of Pondicherry 40
Land of Ashes & Diamonds 2015- Alliance Francaise of Pondicherry 36
1/3 2016- Alliance Francaise of Pondicherry 8
Land of Ashes 2017 Salle de Repetition, Théâtre du Soleil 7
Swan Song (Chant du Cygne) 2018 Théâtre du Soleil 21
Chandâla, impure 2018 Théâtre du Soleil, Festival des Francophonie en Limousin 6


Commissioned Work


Name of the play Run of the Production Commissioned by
Dalida 2007 Alliance Francaise of Madras
Alfonsina 2010- 11 Prakriti Foundation
Natya 2012 Swami Dayanada Educational Trust
Dreams of Tipu Sultan 2013 Ranga Shankara for Samprati Festival


Children's Productions


Name of the Play Run of the  Production Commissioned by
Karna 2007 Lycée Francaise School, Pondicherry
Antigone 2011 Lycée Francaise School, Pondicherry
Romeo et Juliet 2012 Lycée Francaise School, Pondicherry
The War 2013 Lycée Francaise School, Pondicherry
Opera du Dragon 2014 Lycée Francaise School, Pondicherry


Festivals organized by us


Name of the Festival Year
Madhavi Theatre Festival 2009
Kameleon – Festival de Theatre 2010
Kameleon – Festival de Theatre 2011
Kameleon Film Festival 2015


Workshops & Residencies organized by us


Annual theatre training workshop for GRD College of Arts, Coimbatore
Weekly theatre workshops for Lycée Francaise School, Pondicherry
Regular training classes in Kalaripayattu and Silambam
Regular Theatre workshops in Folk theatre and dance forms with various masters
Kathakali Workshop by Guru Sadanand Balakrishnan
Musical body workshop by Jean Jacques Lemetre, Musician from Theatre du Soleil
People’s Puppet Project by Snuff Puppets
Ecole Nomade Pondicherry: A Theatre residency by Ariane Mnouchkine and her team
Theatre Workshop with Clara Bauer
We invite Post-graduate students of traditional and contemporary art to share their knowledge with the younger generation of artists
Regular workshops for visual communication students in street theatre, as a part of their curriculum.